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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend (2008)

4.5 ★/9.0 - 9.9

Vampire Weekend couldn't have picked a better name for themselves. Vampires are an inherently serious species, championing their purity and inhuman superiority above all other creatures. Their humor is dry and their pride is unmatched. Actually, their similarity to stereotypical hipsters in today's indie subculture is uncanny. But even Vampires need to take a break from all that strict doom and gloom sometimes and have some fun. Hopefully Vampire Weekend's joyful self titled LP will also be a wake up call for all indie snobs to just turn off their brain and enjoy themselves. You see, Vampire Weekend contains all the regal conventions of a pitchfork-darling debut: originated from New York City, slurred vocals ala Arctic Monkeys, obscure influences (Afro-Pop, David Byrne, Paul Simon) and a quirky, "cleverer-than-thou" approach. But the music doesn't dare take itself any more seriously than a tip-toe-through-the-tulips, fun-in-the-sun, dance on the beach. I suppose that's why the band has been called The Strokes of 2008. In terms of sound, they're pretty far apart, but both of their debuts feel so simple, effortless and well...fun. Remember when music was just fun? Take apart their background and what you have should be high-art. But look at the result and what you have is simply a good time. Perhaps that's where all the backlash for these NME cover bands comes from. When music this simple and carefree gets big, people just tend to over-think it. Or maybe they're just angry that they didn't think of it first. Whatever the reason is behind hating them, let this be a plea to everyone to let go of their suspicions, because without it, Vampire Weekend will bring joy to your life like no other.

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